La Toque Cuivrée – Sainte Catherine

The Canelé - try this tasty Bordeaux speciality!

You can get your hands on Bordeaux’s delicious little pastry speciality, the canelé, by popping into a Toque Cuivrée boutique! But what exactly is the canelé?

The canelé is a sponge-like pastries, flavoured with rum and vanilla. They have a soft and spongy centre covered by a dark, thick caramelised crust. Unique to Bordeaux, they have been made here for over 300 years.

La Toque Cuivrée keeps this tradition alive with their delicious canelés, made fresh every day in their bakeries!

You can try canelés in three different sizes, and they also sell other patisserie products! You can see everything that they propose here.

Great for a snack, or as a dessert, you simply HAVE to try one if you haven’t already!

LOCAL TIP: While they’re nice presents to take home, locals say you should eat your canelé the day that it’s made!


At this particular boutique, you’re on the busiest street in Bordeaux, so you can grab a canelé while doing your shopping!


Rue Sainte-Catherine
Place de la Comédie
Eglise Notre Dame
Place du Parlement

Houses of Parliament
Bar du Boucher
Bar à Vin –  CIVB

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