Place de la Bourse

Stock Exchange & Water Mirror

Place de la Bourse is a magnificent example of French architecture and is said to have inspired a lot of the architecture of central Paris (also constructed by Jacques Gabriel).

Just over the road from Place de la Bourse next to the river is the Miroir d’Eau (water mirror), a large shallow pool of water great for cooling off your feet in the summer heat.

The place was first called Place Royale, then Place de la Liberty during the revolution, and later Place Imperiale under Napoleon. After the downfall of Louis-Philippe I, it became Place de la Bourse.

The square was the first major monument to be built outside of the medieval city walls. The same typical mascaron statues can be found on the facade as many other city monuments of the era.

Where the Fountain of the Three Graces (1869) stands in the centre of the square, there used to be a statue of King Louis XV on horseback. Unfortunately, the French Revolution put paid to that, although the remnants are on display in the Musée d’Aquitaine.

It doesn’t matter where you stand here, wherever you look there’s something to take your breath away.

LOCAL TIP: This is the postcard picture of Bordeaux so don’t forget your camera!


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