Sweeney Todd’s

Family Run English pub

Sweeney Todd’s is a friendly family run English pub situated on the quays between the beautiful Pont de Pierre and Place de la Bourse.

Sit on their terrace and watch people wonder by as the evening sets in. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for with its warm welcoming atmosphere.

Sweeney’s serves hearty food which can (and should) be washed down with a craft beer or two. Their pies are well known amongst locals, as are the fish and chips and their famous burgers. At weekends (and during the week too!) locals go for a hearty English Breakfast before staying to watch the afternoon’s sport over a few pints.

Speaking of sport, this place is a lovely, more intimate setting for watching rugby and football! Everybody knows that it’s great to watch the football with a pint. Whether it’s a lager, a cider or an ale that you’re looking for, Lance and Margot have got you covered.

The pub isn’t just good for sport; its intimate nature makes it an ideal setting for a quiet drink… which often turns into a couple. The mood is always set by the music, and the music never disappoints.

Sweeney Todd’s is the sort of pub that keeps you going back for more.

LOCAL TIP : The food is incredibly tasty and, with their little “tapas” menu, there’s something for everyone: big appetite or small.


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1 review

  1. Great food and friendly service

    Great food. Eaten there twice now. Pie is to die for.

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