Place Saint-Pierre

Saint-Pierre Square

Place Saint Pierre is situated behind Place de la Bourse on the site of the ancient Gallo-Roman Port used by traders and merchants which is now the Bordeaux riverfront. Bordeaux’s low altitude and proximity to the sea mean that the ground under the city is often water logged and contains many subterranean rivers like La Devèze a tributary of the Garonne which runs under Place Saint Pierre to this day.

Saint Pierre can also refer to the neighbourhood which encompasses the large historic area east of Rue Saint Catherine and west of the river. The cobbled square is one of the most picturesque locations of the historic centre of the city with many restaurants and bars surrounding the Église saint Pierre (built between the XIV and XV centuries. It is a great place for an early evening stroll between the restaurant terraces along Rue Parlement Saint-Pierre towards the equally beautiful Place du Parlement.

LOCAL FACT: The street names around the square are of all the various professions that we’re practised in the area… Rue des Argentiers (Goldsmith’s Street), Rues des Bahutiers (Chest Makers Street), Rue des Trois Chandeliers (Street of the Three Candlemakers), etc.

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Place Saint-Pierre,
33000 Bordeaux
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