Porte Cailhau

La Porte Cailhau, Medieval entrance to the Saint-Pierre Quarter

The ‘Porte Cailhau’ stands on Place du Palais on the side of the river just in front of La Garonne. Situated between the mouths of the two main rivers of Bordeaux, the Peugue (Cours d’Alsace and Lorraine) and Devèze (Rue de la Motte), it was the main entry into the city from the port and used to be part of the defensive walls of the city (which can still be seen today).. It gave access to the Palais de l’Ombrière, residence of the Dukes of Guyenne, then seat of the Parliament of Bordeaux from 1462.

LOCAL TIP: At the time, the vertical quay-side did not exist. The shore gently sloped down towards the river, and smaller boats would unloaded the ships that were anchored in the river.

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