Les Quais – The Quays

The quays are Bordeaux's main tourist attraction

As a port city, the waterfront is historically significant to Bordeaux, and today represents the city’s wealth and pride.

Until relatively recently, Bordeaux’s quays were a grim place. Industrial buildings sat in a state of decay in front of the black walls of what were once beautiful 18th century buildings. No more…


Since the turn of the millenium, the city as a whole has undergone a transformation, and nowhere is that clearer than on les quais. Factories have been repurposed, the facades have been cleaned and the riverside has been regenerated into a place of leisure.

Les Quais are where you can find all of Bordeaux’s postcard views, from Place de la Bourse to Pont de pierre, everywhere you look is glorious. The addition of the miroir d’eau is the most obvious modern addition. Most come for the view, but in summer it’s also a magnificent place to refresh yourself.

Further up les quais towards Chartrons, you find the impressive Bourse Maritime building, and further still is the skate park. Finally, before La Cité du Vin, you have Les Hangars, which is a great place to relax or shop.

No trip to Bordeaux is complete without a walk up and down the waterfront.


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33000 Bordeaux
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